Below are a number of downloadable forms, in a PDF format, potentially related to you and your case.

Please download these forms and fill them out to the best of your abilities. Once filled out, do not email them to our office, as email is not secure. Instead, either fax them to 954-764-5101 or mail them to: 700 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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New Client Form

Confidential New Client Information

Paternity Questionnaire

Confidential Paternity Questionnaire

Financial Affidavit – Short Form

Family Law Financial Affidavit – Short Form

Dependency Intake Form

Confidential Dependency/Kinship Questionnaire

Post Family Questionnaire

Confidential Questionnaire – Post Family Matter

Mandatory Disclosure Checklist

Instructions for Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form

Divorce Questionnaire

Confidential Divorce Questionnaire

Schedule “A”

Schedule “A” Document

Parenting Class Flyer

Online Parent and Family Stablization Course Ace Classes


Standard Family Law Interrogatories for Proceedings

Financial Affidavit – Long Form

Family Law Financial Affidavit – Long Form